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The Philosophy of

terribly the isle of Rhodes, damag'd many cities: and some quite swallow'd up.

Seventeen years before Christ, many cities in the isle of Cyprus destroy'd.

Six years before Christ, the isle of Coos vehemently afflicted.

During the Peloponnesian war among the Greeks, the isle of Delos shaken, and the most beautiful temple of Apollo thrown down.

Soon after, the city of Lacedæmon totally destroy'd.

A. D. 79. Three cities in Cyprus over-thrown.

A. D. 82. The city of Smyrna ruined.

In the time of Valens the emperor, a terrible earthquake in Crete whereby 100 cities were destroy'd.

Feb. 13, 1247, An earthquake, chiefly felt in the Thames. Matt. Paris.

May, 1382, A general earthquake, which did much mischief; the Friday following one less; the Saturday following, one felt mostly by water. Henry de Knyhton. Holinshed.

A. D. 1456, In the city of Naples, 40,000 people lost.

Constantinople has often suffer'd, particularly in 1509, 13,000 people overwhelmed.

1531, At Lisbon, 1400 houses thrown down; as many shatter'd.