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considerations weighed together, that these vulcano's help to put the earth about them, into that vibratory state and condition of electricity, which is the requisite in my hypothesis; and by that means only, promote a frequency of earthquakes there.

I have only one circumstance to add, which may seem not inconsiderable; probably perceived by many, tho' not taken notice of. For a whole week before the first earthquake, the partition wainscot of my house (between the forward and backward rooms) made an odd kind of tremulous, crackling noise continually, as if the wainscot would split; or as if some damage was apprehended to the house. This was observ'd by the family, with a good deal of concern. That in the chamber crackled more than that below. We never perceiv'd it before, nor since; and apparently, it shows the vibratory state of the surface of the earth, at that time.

But whether our conjectures upon this important subject be well founded or no, certainly becomes a christian philosopher, whilst he is investigating material causes, to look up, and regard the moral use of them. For in reality, every thing, the whole world, was ultimately for that purpose made. When we see such a kind of spirituality impress'd on mere matter, as this amazing property of electricity, it should kindle in us a high am-