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Butter Cream Filling and Frosting.

Beat together 2 heaping tablespoons butter, 6 heaping tablespoons powdered sugar, and 1 tablespoon cream or milk. Beat until light then add ½ teaspoon baking powder and vanilla.—Mrs. O. Braun.

Chocolate Frosting.

One cup confectioner’s sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, ½ teaspoon vanilla, 2 teaspoons cocoa, 2 tablespoons cold black coffee.—Mrs. O. T. Lachmann.

Maple Icing.

One and one-half cups powdered sugar, ½ teaspoon mapleine flavor, ½ teaspoon butter, 2 tablespoons hot milk.—Mrs. H. England.

Strawberry Whip.

Take 1 pint strawberries, 1 cup sugar, and the white of 1 egg. Beat all together until stiff. Serve on jello or cake.—Mrs. Chas. Hemler.

Apple Filling.

Peel and grate 4 good cooking apples, add ¾ cup sugar, 1 egg yolk, juice of I lemon. Beat together and cook about 10 minutes. If not thick enough add 1 scant teaspoon cornstarch dissolved in water.—Mrs. Klipp.

Boston Filling.

Boil 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water till it threads, then beat in the stiffly beaten whites of 2 eggs. Chop 6 figs, 6 maraschino cherries or more, 2 tablespoons walnuts, and stir into the mixture and spread.—Flora Hemler.

Caramel Filling.

Two cups brown sugar, 1 teaspoon flour (rub well in sugar), butter size of walnut, ½ cup cream. Boil altogether until waxy. Flavor with vanilla.—Mrs. Hunt.