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Potato Torte.

Six eggs, ½ cup potatoes, grated, ¾ cup rye bread, grated, 1 cup sugar, ¼ wine glass wine or brandy, a little citron, allspice and almonds chopped, a little baking powder. Bake ¾ hour.—Clara A. Spangenberg.

Prune Torte.

Line the sides and bottom of a deep baking dish with pastry and fill the bottom with soaked, pitted and stewed prunes; sprinkle over them sugar to sweeten, mixed with a tablespoon flour and bake. When thickened slightly, pour over the prunes the yolks of 3 eggs beaten with ½ cup milk and ½ cup each of cake crumbs and sugar. Bake until custard is set; spread with whites of eggs beaten stiff with 3 tablespoons sugar, flavor, and brown.—Mrs. H. Berger.

Sand Torte.

Stir ½ pound butter until smooth, then add the yolks of 6 eggs; then add ½ pound sugar, ½ pound cornstarch and rind of lemon. Stir 15 to 20 minutes. Mix a little cornstarch with 1 teaspoon baking powder, beat the whites and add.—Mrs. Jacobs.

Sand Torte.

One pound unsalted butter, 1 pound powdered sugar, 9 large eggs, 2 cups sour cream, 1 lemon, rind and juice, 1 pound rice flour, 2 cups flour, 2 small teaspoons baking powder. Cream butter and sugar, add eggs then alternately the rice flour, cream, juice and rind of 1 lemon and finally the flour with baking powder. Stir ½ hour, place into a spring form, bake in moderate oven.—Johanna Kretchmer.

Schaum Torte.

Whites of 6 or 7 eggs, 2 cups sugar (granulated, sifted), 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon vanilla. Beat whites of eggs to a stiff froth, add sugar, vinegar and vanilla. Beat this ½ hour. Bake in a spring form 1½ hours, slow oven. When done turn off gas and leave cake in the oven a quarter of an hour longer. Bake day before using; leave in tin. When