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salt and let stand over night, then drain and mix with other ingredients. Let stand two days, stir often and seal without heating. — Mrs. F. C. Kramer.

Saratoga Pickles.

Ten onions, 25 pickles; slice and sprinkle salt on same and let stand 3 hours or over night, then drain. Bring to a boil 1 quart vinegar, 1 pound sugar, 1 tablespoon celery seed, 1 tablespoon ground mustard, 1 tablespoon ginger, 1 teaspoon turmeric. Add pickles and boil for 5 minutes. Put in jars and seal. — Olga T. Bohnsack.

Sliced Pickles.

One peck small cucumbers, 30 small onions, 4 green peppers, 2 red peppers. Slice and soak cucumbers over night in strong salt water, rinse good and drain in morning, chop peppers. One and one-quarter gallons vinegar, 6 cups sugar, 5 cents turmeric, 1 tablespoon celery, small lump alum, 10 cents yellow mustard seed. Boil hard for 5 minutes then add sliced cucumbers and sliced onion and let come to a boil. — Mrs. Frank.


One-half peck green tomatoes, ¼ peck onions, 6 stalks celery, 1 large cabbage (all chopped fine); 4 tablespoons salt. Let stand 24 hours, then drain. Add vinegar, sugar, mixed spices. Boil, but not long. — Mrs. Louise M. Lafrentz.


One peck green tomatoes, 6 large onions, 1 large head celery, 3 cups sugar, 1 teaspoon each cinnamon, allspice, mustard, pepper (all ground); 3 pints vinegar, 2 tablespoons salt. Chop or grind and boil 2 huors. — Mrs. O’Rourke.

Pepper Relish.

Two dozen green peppers, 2 dozen red peppers, 30 onions (medium size), 2 quarts vinegar, 3 cups sugar, 6 tablespoons salt. Put through food chopper; scald in hot water 5 minutes. Take vinegar, sugar, salt; let it come to a boil, add the above and boil 5 minutes. — Mrs. Sodemann.