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oatmeal, a little sage, pepper, salt, and about 1½ tablespoons chopped suet, or butter. Pour into pan containing very hot fat and bake about 30 minutes in a rather hot oven. Very savoury just served with gravy.—Mrs. F. Ingham.

Creamed Chicken.

Boil chicken until tender as for soup, with celery and parsley. When tender dice the breast of chicken. Parboil 1 pair sweetbreads and dice also. Pour hot water over small can of mushrooms and let drain in colander, quarter mushrooms and add to chicken and sweetbreads.

Sauce.—1 cup chicken broth thickened with 1 tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon butter creamed together; add a little pepper. Put chicken, sweetbreads and mushrooms into sauce, lastly add ⅓ cup stiffly whipped cream. Put in ramekins and grate a very few crumbs over top. Stand ramekins in pan contaniing warm water and brown under broiler or oven.—Johanna Kretchmer.

Creamed Chicken on Toast.

One large chicken, 2 cans mushrooms, 2 large green peppers, 4 medium stalks celery. Cook the chicken until tender, remove bones and cut in small pieces. Add celery, peppers, mushrooms, and 4 cups of stock. Thicken with flour and add 2 bottles of cream. Season to taste. Serve on toasted white bread.—Mrs. H. Trippler.

Chicken Loaf.

Cut up chicken and boil until tender, remove bones and put meat through the chopper. Add 1 cup of ground stale bread crumbs, 1 egg, salt and pepper; mix well, form into a loaf and bake ¾ of an hour. Chop giblets, add to chicken broth and thicken a little. When loaf is ready to serve, pour gravy over and around it.

This loaf sliced cold with the addition of thinly sliced onions makes an excellent filling for sandwiches of either white or brown bread.—Mrs. E. S. Berndt.