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Baked Apples and Prunes.

Core apples and fill with prunes chopped fine, using sugar to taste. Serve with whipped cream, if desired. — Mrs. F. Schoenwolf.

Baked Apples.

Core apples without peeling and place in a shallow pan. Fill center of apples with light brown sugar. Sprinkle a little cornstarch on bottom of pan, between apples, and pour on water to come up about a quarter of an inch around apples. Bake and serve with sauce that will be in the pan from the cornstarch, sugar and water. — Mrs. Theo. Doering.

Apple Snow.

Boil about 5 apples to a pulp, sweetening to taste. When cool place in a large bowl, together with the white of 1 egg, juice of 1 lemon, and 1 cup of sugar. Beat the mixture about 30 minutes with a wire egg beater. The result is three times the amount you started with, enough to serve 10 people. — Mrs. Albrecht.

Apricot Whip.

Boil 1 pound dried apricots till tender and sweeten to taste. When cool whip very smooth, add the stiffly beaten whites of 3 eggs and beat all well together. Serve with whipped cream or with a custard made of the egg yolks and thickened with cornstarch. — Mrs. Mandel Z.

Apricot Prune Desert.

Cook clear 1 cup tapioca in 2 quarts of boiling water, add ½ pound of prunes and ½ pound apricots. Sweeten to taste, about ½ cup sugar. Stir occasionally. When cold serve with cream. — Mrs. O. Kleppisch.

Fruit Desert.

Wash and soak dried apricots, then simmer until soft. Add enough sugar to sweeten and put through a coarse strainer. Let stand until cold, then add bananas, cut fine, and serve with whipped cream. — Mrs. W. Brockschmidt.