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Baked Apples and Prunes.

Core apples and fill with prunes chopped fine, using sugar to taste. Serve with whipped cream, if desired.—Mrs. F. Schoenwolf.

Baked Apples.

Core apples without peeling and place in a shallow pan. Fill center of apples with light brown sugar. Sprinkle a little cornstarch on bottom of pan, between apples, and pour on water to come up about a quarter of an inch around apples. Bake and serve with sauce that will be in the pan from the cornstarch, sugar and water.—Mrs. Theo. Doering.

Apple Snow.

Boil about 5 apples to a pulp, sweetening to taste. When cool place in a large bowl, together with the white of 1 egg, juice of 1 lemon, and 1 cup of sugar. Beat the mixture about 30 minutes with a wire egg beater. The result is three times the amount you started with, enough to serve 10 people.—Mrs. Albrecht.

Apricot Whip.

Boil 1 pound dried apricots till tender and sweeten to taste. When cool whip very smooth, add the stiffly beaten whites of 3 eggs and beat all well together. Serve with whipped cream or with a custard made of the egg yolks and thickened with cornstarch.—Mrs. Mandel Z.

Apricot Prune Desert.

Cook clear 1 cup tapioca in 2 quarts of boiling water, add ½ pound of prunes and ½ pound apricots. Sweeten to taste, about ½ cup sugar. Stir occasionally. When cold serve with cream.—Mrs. O. Kleppisch.

Fruit Desert.

Wash and soak dried apricots, then simmer until soft. Add enough sugar to sweeten and put through a coarse strainer. Let stand until cold, then add bananas, cut fine, and serve with whipped cream.—Mrs. W. Brockschmidt.