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well greased spring tube form and set to rise till about one inch from top of form. Bake in moderate oven about 1 hour.—Mrs. H. G. Thorns.


Heat 1 quart of milk, 1¼ cup sugar and 1¼ cup butter. When this is cool, add 3 quarts flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 cakes yeast, 3 beaten eggs, 10 cents worth of citron( cut fine), 1 pound light seedless raisins, 1 pound grated almonds, juice of ½ lemon and the rind of 1 lemon. Let this rise as you would bread, put in 4 bread pans, making in loaf forms, and when in pans let it rise again. Bake ½ hour. Frost as you would angel cake.—Mrs. Albrecht.

Stollen or Raisin Bread.

Four pounds flour, 1 quart milk, 4 eggs, 2½ ounces yeast, 1¼ pounds butter, 1 pound Sultana raisins, 1½ pounds sugar, ¼ pound chopped almonds, 6 ounces citron (chopped). In the morning make a sponge from part of the flour, add the lukewarm milk, beaten eggs, yeast and salt. Set in warm place to rise. It will rise very quickly. Then add softened butter, raisins, sugar, almonds, citron (flour the almonds, raisins and citron), and the balance of flour. Grate a little lemon rind into dough. Now let rise again, then mould into loaves and raise once more, when they are ready for the oven. Spread melted butter before putting in oven, and bake slowly for 1 hour or longer. Have every ingredient warm before you begin mixing.—Marie Doederlein.


Anise Seed Cookies.

Rub to a cream ½ cup butter and 1 cup powdered sugar. When light, stir in the well beaten yolks of 3 eggs then add the stiffened whites alternately with a pound of flour or enough to make a stiff dough, first stirring into the flour 1 teaspoonful of anise seed. Roll thin, cut into rounds and bake.—Mrs. Chas. Hemler.