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Comrades! Can we forget the ancient Legends?
And the Sages and their Songs?
And the Days of India's glory.
When Krishna the Saviour worshipped village-folk
With music and the fadeless flower of love?
Can India's History speak to our hearts
And we ^yet hesitate to join the ranks of Her Pilgrims
Whom the world calls the Vanquished?


Comrades! There is sorrow in Her heart,
For Her sons give worship to power and pride.
Comrades ! the Procession calls us.
Let us out with our harps and our songs.
And tune the music of old for the healing of the new.
Let us salute the Sages and Heroes,
And sing with the Pilgrims and the Winds and the Sindhu:—
“To live is to cast away fear and be Free.”