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The women of Calcutta have obstructed the gentlemen of Calcutta by trying to sell Kahdi and a telegram in the newspapers has announced that they have been consequently arrested. The company includes the devoted partner of the President Elect, his widowed sister and his niece. I had hoped that in the initial stages, at any rate, women would be spared the honour of going to jail. They were not to become aggressive civil resisters. But the Bengal Government in their impartial zeal to make no distinction even of sex, have conferred the honour upon three women of Calcutta, I hope that the whole country will welcome this innovation. The women of India should have as much share in winning Swaraj as men. Probably in this peaceful struggle woman can outdistance man by many a mile. We know that she is any day superior to man in her religious devotion. Silent and dignified suffering is the badge of her sex. And now that the Government of Bengal have dragged the women into the line of fire, I hope that the women all