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311 the swayamvar OP ph>ncess uea ••The humblest suitor present “No leSS T-rto seek the bride, - -Has equal ngh ^ seX ' s pride “Her country s {rgely no w -Her consort le ^ her vo w. “Choose in ^remonstrance, let The king, on this ula sa te. _ The Brovin of the t»»»> Sweet was the ^ ^ b,«" 1 T was love at sig - . darts For Kama with his A ^ ^ tende r hearts. Pierc’d thro and To Siva, unto maiden ^ And His 3°^^?; was heard. She fancied ‘ hal ® JJ, ut h appear’d ; As close to her the at on ce When each to ( ea | oVe -lit glance. By magic- P° w r ° . . sm ile serene. -Tell rne thy e t hat hath eyes. “Let others ^e , ^ a prize? -Will not risk all ^ „ m e lout * i r 8 * C “ lU ’' Pray, name worth. Of real or o ‘ j implies. And tV wire. According to u-- oHh(;sam c.

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