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This page needs to be proofread.


and amplified. I have tried to include every interesting detail and every item which might be of value. I fear I have sometimes given extracts and statistics that make dull reading, but it has seemed necessary to include them for the sake of completeness.

Of regular issues by the government, the adhesive stamps only will be considered. The envelope stamps occupy a field by themselves and there are already extant several very, complete and elaborate works devoted to them. But, among the provisional issues by postmasters and the carriers' stamps, envelopes will be described. They are few in number and their inclusion is desirable for the sake of historical completeness.

It is fitting that I should express here my obligation to many others, both collectors and dealers, for their valued assistance. They have placed at my disposal their collections and stocks and have aided me in other ways. It was originally my intention to make individual mention of those who assisted me, I now find that I have a long list of such friends, yet I fear that I may have failed to note some names Rather than risk a seeming, though unintentional neglect, I deem it best to say that I am indebted to many of those best known in philately in this country and in Europe, and to many others whose names are not so familiar but whose good will was the equal of any. To all I offer my sincere thanks.