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1. The Speeches of Lord Viscount Castlereagh on the Bullion Question, and on Lord Stanhope's Bill. Price 4 s.

2. Considerations on Commerce, Bullion and Coin, Circulation, and Exchanges, with a view to our present circumstances. To which is prefixed, The State of the Nation at the Peace of Paris. By George Chalmers, F. R. S., S. A. One vol. 8 vo. Third Edition. Price 8 s.

N. B. This Edition includes the late Sir George Shuckburgh Evenlyn's celebrated table of the Depreciation of Money, and Prices of Provisions for 800 Years.

3. Observations on the fallacy of the supposed Depreciation of the Paper Currency of this Kingdom; with Reasons for dissenting from the Report of the Bullion Committee.
By Francis Perceval Eliot, Esq. New Edition, with a Supplement, 6 s. 6 d.

4. A Letter to a Member of Parliament, on the Report of the Bullion Committee. By Jasper Atkinson, Esq. Second Edition, Price 3 s. 6 d.

5. Money—what it is—its Value, in reference to Bank Notes, &c., with Observations on Commerce. By Nathaniel Cooke, Esq. Price 1 s.

6. Observations on the Currency of England. By the Earl of Rosse. Price 3 s. 6 d.

Printed for J. J. Stockdale, 41, Pall Mall.