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the table with great force with both fists. I put my hand on his head against vehement struggles on his part to prevent it, and in a few moments he was restored to quiet and consciousness. I once had a man similarly affected in my own room, who beat his head violently on a marble-top table, and fell to the floor in convulsions. He was recovered by the same means, though more slowly. A man from Chicago called on me afflicted with convulsions of his arms and legs. He was restored by the mere exercise of will. Last year, at my own house, I found a man lying on the floor, distorted and convulsed. I lifted him up, and compelled him to sit in a chair, and then, with a few words, addressed not to him, but to the spirit who was influencing him, he was at once restored to composure."

Had Judge Edmonds known less and believed more, with such an experience, he, too, might have been presented to the world as a "prophet, seer, and revelator," and some enthusiastic Pratt might have proved that his writings were divinely inspired. Fortunately for the world, the Judge, instead of delivering a new Gospel, followed the profession of the law.