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12 ALEXIS. At last wo aro alone ! My darling, you are now irrevocably betrothed to me. Aro you not very, very happy ? ALINE. Oh, Alexis, can you doubt it? Do I not love you beyond all on eartli, and am I not belovod in return? Is not true love, faithfully given and faithfully returned, the source of every earthly joy? ALEXIS. Of that there can bo no doubt. Oh, lhat tho world could be persuaded of the truth of that maxim ! Oh, that the world would break down the artificial barriers of rank, wealth, education, age, beauty, habits, taste, and temper ; and re- cognize the glorious principle, that in marriage alone is to be found the panacea for every ill. ALIXE. Continue to preach that sweet doctrine, and you will succeed, oil, evangel of true happiness! ALEXIS. I hope so, but as yet the cause progresses but slowly. Still, I have made some converts to the principle, that men and women should bo coupled in matrimony without distinction of rank. 1 have lectured on the subject at mechanics' in- stitutes, and the mechanics were unanimous in favor of my views. I have preached in workhouses, beershops, and lunatic asylums, and I have been received with enthusiasm. I have addressed navvies on the advantages that would ac- crue to them if they married wealthy ladies of rank, and not a navvy dissented I ALINE. Noble fellows ! And yet there are those who hold that the un- educated classes are not open to argument 1 And what do the countesses say ? ALEXIS. "Why, at present, it can't bo denied, the aristocracy hold aloof. ALINE. The working man is the true intelligence after all 1 ALEXIS. Ho' is a noble creature when hois quite sober. Tes, Aline; true happiness comes of true love, and true love should be independent of external influences. It should live upon itself and by itself in itself love should live for love alone ! BALLAD ALEXIS. Love feeds 'on many kinds of food, I know Some love for rank and some for duty; Some give their hearts away for tmpty show, .And others love for youth and beauty. To lovo for money all the world is prone : Some love themselves and live all lonely: Give me the lovo that loves for love alone I lovo that love I lovo it only ! "What man for any other joy can thirst, Whose loving wife adores him duly? "Want, misery and care may do their worst, If loving woman loves you truly. A lover's thoughts aro ever with Ins own Nono truly loved is ever lonely : Givo mo tho love that loves for love alone

I love that love I love it only !