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21 II. SCENE. Market place in the village. Rustic houses R. and L. market cross or drinking fountain. Isi c. Enter PEASANTS dancing, coupled two and two, from R. and L. An old man loith a young girl. Then an old woman with a young man. Tlen other ill assorted couples. OPENING CHORUS. Happy are we in our loving frivolity, Happy and jolly as people of qualify ; Love is the source of all joy to humanity, Money, position, and rank are vanity ; Year after year we've been waiting and tarrying, Without ever dreaming of loving or marrying. Though we've been hitherto deaf, dumb, and blind to it, It's pleasant enough when you've made up your mind to it Enter CONSTANCE, leading COUNSEL, R. u. E. ARIA CONSTANCE. Dear friends, take pity on my lot,* My cup is not of nectar I I long have loved as who would not? Our kind and reverend rector. Long years ago my love began So sweetly yet so sadly But when I saw this plain old man, Away my old affection ran I found I loved him madly. Oh! (To COUNSEL.) You very, very plnin old man, I love, I love you madly I CHORUS. You very, very plain old man, She loves, she loves you madly I COUNSEL. I am a very deaf old man, And hear you very badly. CONSTANCE. I know not why I love him so ; It is enchantment, surely ! He's dry and snuffy, deaf and slow,

tempered, weak, and poorly! 

lie's ugly, and absurdly dressed, And sixty-seven nearly, He's everything that I detest, But if the truth must bo coni'essed. I love him very dearly

Oh I