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23 ALINE. Oh, Alexis! do you doubt me? Is it necessary that such love as ours should be secured by artificial means? Oh, no, no, no! ALEXIS. My dear Aline, time works terrible changes, and I want to place our love beyond the chance of change. ALINE. Alexis, it is already far beyond that chance. Have faith on me, for my love can never, never change ! ALEXIS. Then you absolutely refuse ? ALINE. I do. If you cannot trust me, you have no right to love me no right to be loved by me. ALEXIS. Enough, Aline, I shall know how to interpret this refusal. BALLAD ALEXIS. Thou hast the power thy vaunted love To sanctify, all doubt above, Despite the gathering shade : To make that love of thine so sure That, come what may, it must endure Till time itself shall fade. Thy love is but a flower That fades within the hour. If such thy love, oh, shame I Call it by other name It is not love ! Thine is the power, and thine alone 1 To place on me so proud a throne That kings might envy me ! A priceless throne of love untold, More rare Uian orient pearl and gold. But no ! Thou wouldst be free ! Such love is like the ray That dies within the day. ]f such thy love, oh, shame! Call it by other name It is not love ! (They retire up R.) Enter DR. DALY. L. u. E. DR. "D. (L. rmtsing.) It is singular it is very singular. It has overthrown all my calculations. It is distinctly opposed to the doctrine of averages. I cannot understand it. ALINE, (c.) Dear Dr. Daly, what has puzzled you ? DH. D. My dear, this village has not, hitherto, been addicted to mar- rying and giving in marriage. Hitherto the youths of this village have not been enterprising, and the maidens have been distinctly coy. Judge, then, of my surprise when I tell you that the whole village came to me in a body just now, and implored me to join them in matrimony with as little delay as possible. Even your excellent father has hinted to me that before very long it is not unlikely that ho, also, may

change his condition.