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2(5 RECITATIVE. LADY S. What is this fairy form I see beiore me? MB. W. Oh, horrible ! she's going to adore me I This last catastrophe is overpowerirg 1 LADY S. "Why do you glare at one with visage lowering 1 For pity's sake recoil not thus from me ! MR. W. My lady, leave me this may never be ! DUET LADY SANGAZURE and MR. WELLS. MR. W. Hate me! I drop my h's have through life I LADY S. Love me ! I'll drop them too ! MR. W. Hate me 1 I always eat peas with a knife 1 LADY S. Love me I I'll eat like you ! MR. W. Hate me ! I spend the day at Rosherville I LADY S. Love me ! that joy I'll share 1 MR. "W. Hate me ! I often roll down One Tree Hill I LADY S. Love me 1 I'll join you there 1 LADY S. Love me ! my prejudices I'll drop ! MR. W. Hate me 1 that's enough ! LADY S. Love me ! I'll come and help you in the shop 1 MR. W Hate me ! the life is rough ! LADY S. Love me ! my grammar I will all forswear ! MR. W. Hate me ! abjure my lot ! LADY S. Love me ! I'll stick sunflowers in my hair I MR. W. Hate me 1 they'll suit you not I RECITATIVE MR. WELLS. At what I am going to say be not enraged I may not love you for I am engaged 1 LADY S. (Horrified.) Engaged 1 MR. W. Engaged ! To a maiden fair, With bright brown hair, And a sweet and simple smile, Who waits for me By the sounding sea, On a South Pacific isle. MR. W. (Aside.) A lie! LADY S. (Mournfully.} MR.W. (Aside.) A lie! LADY S. (Mournfully.) No maiden waits mo there I She has bright brown hair I No maiden smiles on me 1 By the sounding sea I ENSEMBLE. LADY SANGAZURE. Oh, agony, rage, despair! The maiden has bright brown hair, And mine is as white as snow ! False man, it will bo your fault, If I go to my family vault, And bury my life long woe ! MR. WELLS. Oh, agony, rage, despair I Oh, where will this end oh, where? I should like very much to know! It will certainly be my fault, If she goes to her family vault,

To bury her life long wool