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Mr. W.

So be it! I submit! My fate is sealed.
To popular opinion thus I yield!

(Falls on trap c.)

Be happy all—leave me to my despair—
I go—it matters not with whom—or where!


All quit their present partners, and rejoin their old lovers. Sir Marmaduke leaves Mrs. Partlet, and goes to Lady Sangazure (l. c.) Aline leaves Dr. Daly, and goes to Alexis (r. c.) Dr. Daly leaves Aline, and goes to Constance (r.) Counsel leaves Constance, and goes to Mrs. Partlet (l.) All the chorus make a corresponding change.



Oh, my adored one


Unmingled joy!


Ecstatic rapture!


Beloved boy!

(They embrace.)

Sir M.

Come to my mansion, all of you! At least
We'll crown our rapture with another feast!


Sir Marmaduke, Lady Sangazure, Alexis and Aline.

Now to the banquet we press—
Now for the eggs and the ham—
Now for the mustard and cress—
Now for the strawberry jam!

Chorus Now to the banquet, etc.