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May their love never cloy!
May their bliss be unbounded!
With a halo of joy
May their lives be surrounded!
Heaven bless our Aline!

RECITATIVE ALINE. My kindly friends, I thank you for this greeting, And as you wish me every earthly joy, I trust your wishes may have quick fulfilment I ARIA ALINE. Oh, happy young heart I Comes thy young lord a wooing, With joy in his eyes, And prido in his breast Make much of thy prize, ]?or he is the best That ever came a suing. Yet yet we must part, Young heart 1 Yet yet we must part 1 Oh, merry young heart, Bright are the days of thy wooing ! But happier far The days untried No sorrow can mar, When Love lias tied The knot there's no undoing. Then, never to part, Young heart 1 Then never to part 1 Enter Lady SANG AZURE on terrace from L., and down L. o. RECITATIVE LADY S. My child, I join in these congratulations: Heed not the tear that dims this aged eye 1 Old memories crowd upon me. Though I sorrow, 'Tis for myself, Aline, and not for theel Enter ALEXIS from house R., preceded by chorus of men. CHORUS OF MEN AND WOMEN. With heart and with voice Let us welcome this mating ; To the maid of his choice, With a heart palpitating, Comes Alexis, the brave 1