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Literary Messenger

tion of Naples," and neither author seems to have obeyed the injunction, "See Naples and then die;" Consul Andrews continues his "Knights of Malta;" Prof. Minnigerode finishes his Greek Dramatists; Miss Lomax sketches Racine; and Robert L. Wade gives "The Fair Maid of Flanders," a short story.

Poetry is afforded by Payne Kenyon Kilbourn, Lewis J. Cist, a young business man of Cincinnati; Mrs. A. M. F. Annan; Pauline; and Anon, who sings "How to plant and cook potatoes." There is also some poetry by and about the Davidsons and a review, with extracts, of a satirical poem delivered by Park Benjamin, before the Mercantile Library Association of New York, on its 22nd anniversary. The number closes with notices of new books and a picture and announcement of St. Ann's Hall, for Female Education, at Flushing, L. I. Henceforward the name of Mr. White disappears.

The first thing for March is the prize poem. The appointed awarders were Thomas Ritchie, the veteran but vivacious editor of the Enquirer; Dr. Henry Myers, who had won the prize for the Theatre in Norfolk; Dr. Augustus L. Warner, formerly professor of Anatomy in the University of Virginia, and now one of the chief founders of the Richmond Medical College; Wm. B. Chittenden, an Eastern gentleman of recognized liter-