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Literary Messenger

In January, 1845, he keeps up his appeal to the Legislature for the Colonial Records of Virginia and is fortified by Charles Campbell, Conway Robinson and Americus South. Lucian Minor comes again, gossipping about books. Bragg's notes on the Army get to No. 7. Hugh R. Pleasants finishes "Coningsby." These, with Mrs. Worthington, W. D. Porter, etc., fill the number, until we come to the Editor's Table, on which is an abundance of greetings and thanks and book-making intelligence.

In December five prizes were offered, viz.:

1. For the best paper on the present state of American Letters, their prospect and means of improvement, of $50.00.

2. The best review of the works of some native prose writer, $35.00.

3. The best review of the works of some native poet, $35.00.

4. The best original tale, $35.00.

5. The best original poem, $35.00.

One of these was awarded to a review of Longfellow. It has some notable companions. For Harry Bluff draws from the Lucky Bag another scrap, on "Lake Defences and Western Interests;" De Leon, in his "Vision of Wagner, a Pupil of Faust," shows how he could write a tale, as well as other things; Gertrude, after some delay, reappears; Bragg, of the Army, and