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19th July 1800.


George the Third by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
TO Our right trusty and right entirely beloved Cousin and Councillor William Henry Cavendish Duke of Portland, Knight of the most noble Order of the Garter; Our right trusty and well-beloved Councillors, William Wyndham Baron Grenville, and Henry Dundas Esquire, Our Three Principal Secretaries of State; Our right trusty and well-beloved Councillors, Henry Addington Esquire, Speaker of the House of Commons; William Pitt Esquire, Chancellor and Under Treasurer of Our Exchequer, and First Commissioner of Our Treasury; Sir Richard Pepper Arden Knight, Master of the Rolls; Frederick Campbell Esquire, commonly called Lord Frederick Campbell, Our Clerk Register of Scotland; Sylvester Douglas Esquire, one of the Commissioners of Our Treasury; Our trusty and well-beloved Sir John Mitford Knight, Our Attorney General; Sir William Grant Knight, Our Solicitor General; Robert Dundas Esquire, Our Advocate for Scotland; and Charles Abbot Esquire: Greeting,

Whereas the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, and Commissioners of Shires and Boroughs in Our Parliament of Great Britain assembled, having taken into their consideration the State of the Public Records of this Kingdom, and the necessity of providing for the better arrangement, preservation, and more convenient use of the same, have unto Us, that the Public Records of the Kingdom are in many Offices unarranged, undescribed, and unascertained; that many of them are exposed to erasure, alteration, and embezzlement, and are lodged in Buildings incommodious and insecure; and that it would be beneficial to the Public Service that the Records and Papers contained in many of the principal Offices and Repositories should be methodized, and that certain of the more antient and valuable amongst them should be printed; and have humbly besought Us, that We would be graciously pleased to give such Directions thereupon as We in Our wisdom shall think fit;

Now Know Ye, that We, considering the premises, and earnestly desiring more effectually to provide for the better arrangement, preservation, and more convenient use of the said Records and Papers, and reposing great trust and confidence in your fidelity, discretion, and integrity;—

Have authorized and appointed, and by these Presents Do authorize and appoint you the said William Henry Cavendish Duke of Portland, William Wyndham Baron Grenville, Henry Dundas, Henry Addington, William Pitt, Sir Richard Pepper Arden, Frederick Campbell (commonly called Lord Frederick Campbell), Sylvester Douglas, Sir John Mitford, Sir William Grant, Robert Dundas, and Charles Abbot, and any Three or more of you, to make a diligent and particular inquiry into the several Matters which Our Faithful Commons have, in the abovementioned Report of their Proceedings, represented as fitting to be provided for by Our royal authority.