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Santa Anna 272–280
A confused story, 272—Santa Anna, 273; his connection with Yturbide, 273—The Constitution, 273—"Guadalupe" Victoria, 273—Expulsion of the Spanish, 274—A presidential election, 274—Mutiny in the capital, 275—Colonization of Texas, 276—Pedraza, 276—A Spanish invasion, 277—Santa Anna made Commander-in-Chief, 277—Bustamente, 278—Guerrero betrayed and shot, 278—Santa Anna becomes President, 278—Farias, 279—Insurrection in Texas, 279.
Still Santa Anna 281–289
Louis Philippe, 281—Reclamacion de los pasteles, 281—The French repelled, 281—Santa Anna's home, 282—Bustamente recalled, 282—Trouble again, 283—Mejia, 283—A revolution described, 284—Bustamente resigns, 288—Santa Anna triumphant, 288.
Society 290–300
Madame Calderon's journal, 290—An ambassador from Spain, 290—State of society, 291—The Paséo, 291—The Viga, 292—Women in Mexico, 292—Good-Friday in Mexico, 294—Robbers, 297—Guardias Rurales, 298—A monarchy proposed, 299.
Rumors of War 301–310
Results of the Spanish rule, 301—Playing at independence, 301—The appeal to arms, 302—The country exhausted, 302—Misfortunes, 304—The United States, 304—Spread of its territory, 304—Colonization of Texas, 305—Moses Austin, 304—Revolt against Mexico, 305—Houston and Santa Anna, 305—Texas, independent, 305—Annexed to the United States, 306—Herrera, Farias, and Paredes, 307—The Mexican army, 308.