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TSOM D469 Advertisement for Great Thoughts for Little Thinkers. By Lucia True Ames.pngBACK OF TABLET, WITH ACCOUNT OF THE FLOOD.
(From "Great Thoughts for Little Thinkers.")


Great Thoughts for Little Thinkers. By Lucia True Ames. 12mo, profusely illustrated $1 75

"The present volume has had a natural genesis. It has grown out of a desire to help one dear little child, whose quaint fancies and rude conceptions had lain all unexpressed until enlightened by careful questioning, to the amazement and frequent amusement of the writer, who has become convinced, after a careful search through current juvenile literature, that there is need for something which shall supplement the home and school instruction for young children. . . . The attempt has been made to present in as simple language and as definite form as possible, the outline of those fundamental truths in science, history, religion, and morals, which shall be the basis for all later thought."—From Author's Introduction.

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New York and London.