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T. FISHER UNWIN, Publisher,




Each Volume is furnished with Maps, Illustrations, and Index. Large Crown 8vo., fancy cloth, gold lettered, or Library Edition, dark cloth, burnished red top, 5s. each.—Or may be had in half Persian, cloth sides, gilt tops; Price on Application.

1. Rome. By Arthur Gilman, M.A.

2. The Jews. By Professor J. K. Hosmer.

3. Germany. By the Rev. S. Baring-Gould.

4. Carthage. By Professor Alfred J. Church.

5. Alexander's Empire. By Prof. J. P. Mahaffy.

6. The Moors In Spain. By Stanley Lane-Poole.

7. Ancient Egypt. By Prof. George Rawlinson.

8. Hungary. By Prof. Arminius Vambery.

9. The Saracens. By Arthur Gilman, M.A.

10. Ireland. By the Hon. Emily Lawless.

11. Chaldea. By Zenaide A. Ragozin.

12. The Goths. By Henry Bradley.

13. Assyria. By Zenaide A. Ragozin.

14. Turkey. By Stanley Lane-Poole.

15. Holland. By Professor J. E. Thorold Rogers.

16. Mediaeval France. By Gustave Masson.

17. Persia. By S. G. W. Benjamin.

18. Phœnicia. By Prof. George Rawlinson.

19. Media. By Zenaide A. Ragozin.

20. The Hansa Towns. By Helen Zimmern.

21. Early Britain. By Professor Alfred J. Church.

22. The Barbary Corsairs. By Stanley Lane-Poole.

23. Russia. By W. R. Morfill.

24. The Jews under the Roman Empire. By W. D. Morrison.

25. Scotland. By John MacKintosh, LL.D.

26. Switzerland. By R. Stead and Lina Hug.

27. Mexico. By Susan Hale.

28. Portugal. By H. Morse Stephens.

29. The Normans. By Sarah Orne Jewett.

30. The Byzantine Empire. By C. W. C. Oman, M.A.

31. Sicily: Phœnician, Greek and Roman. By the late E. A. Freeman.

32. The Tuscan and Genoa Republics. By Bella Duffy.

33. Poland. By W. R. Morfill.

34. Parthia. By Prof. George Rawlinson.

35. The Australian Commonwealth. By Greville Tregarthen.

36. Spain. By H. E. Watts.

37. Japan. By David Murray, Ph.D.

38. South Africa. By George M. Theal.

39. Venice. By the Hon. Alethea Wiel.

40. The Crusades: The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. By T. A. Archer and Charles L. Kingsford.

41. Vedic India. By Zenaide A. Ragozin.

42. The West Indies and the Spanish Main. By James Rodway, F.L.S.

43. Bohemia. By C. E. Maurice.

44. The Balkans. By W. Miller.

45. Canada. By Dr. Bourinot.

46. British India. By R. W. Frazer, LL.B.

47. Modern France. By André le Bon.

  The Franks. By Lewis Sergeant. B.A.

49. Austria. By Sidney Whitman.

50. Modern England before the Reform Bill. By Justin McCarthy. M.P.

51. China. By Professor Douglas.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.