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THE UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES are at present directing universe evolution in the space levels beyond the present outer limits of the grand universe. Whatever the nature of this postulated in- telligence, it is apparently not spirit-gravity responsive. But all these computations are at best estimates based on assumed laws. We think they are fairly reliable. Even if a few spirit beings were located in outer space, their collective presence would not markedly influence calculations involving such enormous measurements. Personality Gravity is noncomputable. We recognize the circuit, but we can- not measure either qualitative or quantitative realities responsive thereto. 4. SPACE AND MOTION All units of cosmic energy are in primary revolution, are engaged in the execution of their mission, while swinging around the universal orbit. The uni- verses of space and their component systems and worlds are all revolving spheres, moving along the endless circuits of the master universe space levels. Absolutely nothing is stationary in all the master universe except the very center of Havona, the eternal Isle of Paradise, the center of gravity. The Unqualified Absolute is functionally limited to space, but we are not so sure about the relation of this Absolute to motion. Is motion inherent therein? We do not know. We know that motion is not inherent in space.; even the motions of space are not innate. But we are not so sure about the relation of the Unqualified to motion. Who, or what, is really responsible for the gigantic activi- ties of force-energy transmutations now in progress out beyond the borders of the present seven superuniverses? Concerning the origin of motion we have the following opinions: i. We think the Conjoint Actor initiates motion in space. 2. If the Conjoint Actor produces the motions of space, we cannot prove it. 3. The Universal Absolute does not originate initial motion but does equal- ize and control all of the tensions originated by motion. In outer space the force organizers are apparently responsible for the pro- duction of the gigantic universe wheels which are now in process of stellar tion, but their ability so to function must have been made possible by some modi- fication of the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute. Space is, from the human viewpoint, nothing..negative; it exists only as re- lated to something positive and nonspatial. Space is, however, real. It contains and conditions motion. It even moves. Space motions may be roughly classified as follows: t. Primary motion space respiration, the motion of space itself. 2. Secondary motion the alternate directional swings of the successive space levels. 3. Relative motionsrelative. in the sense that they are not evaluated with Paradise as a base point. Primary and secondary motions are absolute, motion in relation to unmoving Paradise. 4. Compensatory or correlating movement designed to co-ordinate all other motions.