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158 CENTRAL AND SUPERUNIVERSES missions of special service. And on every Havona world will be found the at- tainment candidates, those who have physically attained the central universe, but who have not yet achieved that spiritual development which will enable them to claim Paradise residence. The Infinite Spirit is represented on the Havona worlds by a host of person-. allties, beings of grace and glory, who administer the details of the intricate in- tellectual and spiritual affairs of the central universe. On these worlds of divine perfection they perform the work indigenous to the normal conduct of this vast creation and, in addition, carry on the manifold tasks of teaching, training, and ministering to the enormous numbers of ascendant creatures who have climbed to glory from the dark worlds of space. There are numerous groups of beings native to the Paradise-Havona system that are in no way directly associated with the ascension scheme of creature per- fection attainment; therefore are they omitted from the personality classifica- tions presented to the mortal races. Only the major groups of superhuman beings and those orders directly connected with your survival experience are herein presented. Havona teems with the life of all phases of intelligent beings, who there seek to advance from lower to higher circuits in their efforts to attain higher levels of divinity realization and enlarged appreciation of supreme meanings, ultimate values, and absolute reality. LIFE IN HAVONA On Urantia you pass through a short and intense test during your initial life of material existence. On the mansion worlds and up through your system, con- stellation, and local universe, you traverse the morontia phases of ascension. On the training worlds of the superuniverse you pass through the true spirit stages of progression and are prepared for eventual transit to Havona. On the seven cir- cuits of Havona your attainment is intellectual, spiritual, and experiential. And there is a definite task to be achieved on each of the worlds of each of these circuits. Life on the divine worlds of the central universe is so rich and full, so com- plete and replete, that it wholly transcends the human concept of anything a created being could possibly experience. The social and economic activities of this eternal creation are entirely dissimilar to the occupations of material crea- tures living on evolutionary worlds like Urantia. Even the technique of Havona thought is unlike the process of thinking on Urantia. The regulations of the central universe are fittingly and inherently natural; the rules of conduct are not arbitrary. In every requirement of Havona there is disclosed the reason of righteousness and the rule of justice. And these two factors, combined, equal what on Urantia would be denominated ]airness. When you arrive in Havona, you will naturally enjoy doing things the way they should be done. When intelligent beings first attain the central universe, they are received and domiciled on the pilot world of the seventh Havona circuit. As the new arrivals progress spiritually, attain identity comprehension of their superuniverse Master Spirit, they are transferred to the sixth circle. (It is from these arrangements in the central universe that the circles of progress in the human mind have been