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I62 CENTRAL AND SUPERUNIVERSES Havona exhibits finality of spirit values existing as living will creatures of supreme and perfect self-control; mind existing as ultimately equivalent to spirit; reality and unity of intelligence with an unlimited potential. 5. The Co-ordinate Creator Sons. Havona is the educational training ground where the Paradise Michaels are prepared for their subsequent adven- tures in universe creation. This divine and perfect creation is a pattern for every Creator Son. He strives to make his own universe eventually attain to. these Paradise-Havona levels of perfection. A Creator Son uses the creatures of Havona as personality-pattern possibili- ties for his own mortal children and spirit beings. The Michael and other Para- dise Sons view Paradise and Havona as the divine destiny of the children of time. The Creator Sons know that the central creation is the real source of that in- dispensable universe overcontrol which stabilizes and unifies their local uni- verses. They know that the personal presence of the ever-present influence of the Supreme and of the Ultimate is in Havona. Havona and Paradise are the source of a Michael Son's creative power. Here dwell the beings who co-operate with him in universe creation. From Paradise come the Universe Mother Spirits, the cocreators of local universes. The Paradise Sons regard the central creation as the home of their divine parents their home. It is the place they enjoy returning to ever and anon. 6. The Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters. The Universe Mother Spirits, cocreators of the local universes, secure their prepersonal training on the worlds of Havona in close association with the Spirits of the Circuits. In the central uni- verse the Spirit Daughters of the local universes were duly trained in the methods of co-operation with the Sons of Paradise, all the while subject to the will of the Father. On the worlds of Havona the Spirit and the Daughters of the Spirit find the mind patterns for all their groups of spiritual and material intelligences, and this central universe is the sometime destiny of those creatures which a Universe Mother Spirit jointly sponsors with an associated Creator Son. The Universe Mother Creator remembers Paradise and Havona as the place of her origin and the home of the Infinite Mother Sp.irit, the abode of the per- sonality presence of the Infinite Mind. From this central universe also came the bestowal of the personal preroga- tives of creatorship which a Universe Divine Minister employs as comple- mental to a Creator Son in the work of creating living will creatures. And lastly, since these Daughter Spirits of the Infinite Mother Spirit will not likely ever return to their Paradise home, they derive great satisfaction from the universal reflectivity phenomenon associated with the Supreme Being in Havona and personalized in Majeston on Paradise. 7. The Evolutionary Mortals o[ the Ascending Career. Havona is the home of the pattern personality of every mortal type and the home of all superhuman personalities of mortal association who are not native to the creations of time. These worlds provide the stimulus of all human impulses towards the at- tainment of true spirit values on the highest conceivable reality levels. Havona � is the pre-Paradise training goal of every ascending mortal. Here mortals attain pre-Paradise Deity the Supreme Being. Havona stands before every will crea- ture as the portal to Paradise and God attainment.