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��hanced by tile-hanging of diamond pattern covering the upper stories ; and the same kind of tiling occurs upon the walls of a large old house on the opposite side of the road.

Heaverswood Common was inclosed by an Award of 2 1 September 1858, parts of Earlswood Common which extended into Horley by an Award of 15 July i886. 4 Horley Common and Thundersfield Common have been inclosed since the first issue of the Ordnance Maps.

Christ Church, Salford, was built as a chapel of ease for the northern part of the parish in 1881, and enlarged in 1892.

There is a Baptist chapel built in 1 88 1, a Primitive Methodist chapel, and a meeting-place of the Ply- mouth Brethren.

There is a Cottage Hospital for the district.

In the parish are the Reigate Borough Isolation Hospital, at White Bushes, built in 1900, and the Reigate District Isolation Hospital, built in 1885.

Duxhurst has been acquired by Lady Henry Somerset as a Home for Female Inebriates, and ad- ditional houses built for the same purpose.

Horley National Schools were established in 1834. In 1872 a School Board was formed, and the schools passed under it. In 1905 they were rebuilt by the county authority.

In 1876 a school was built at Salford, and enlarged in 1886.

In 1884 a girls' school was built in Albert Road, and in 1890 an infants' school was added.

In 1 896 a National School was built at Sidlow Bridge.

HORLET is not mentioned in Domes-

M4NORS day, unless it be the nameless land then

in Tandridge Hundred held by Chert-

sey Abbey. 8 Thundersfield on the borders of Horley

and Home was granted to Chertsey by Athelstan in

93 3," and was confirmed to the abbey by Edgar in

967,' when the amount of land named 30 mansac

must have extended into Horley, 9 the earliest references

to which show that it was in the possession of the abbey.

In 1263 the Abbot of Chertsey acquired lands in Horley which he annexed to his manor of Horley ; * John de Rutherwyk also, who was abbot from 130710 1 346, obtained several tenements which he attached to his lordship. 10 He also reclaimed divers lands and tenements there formerly held in villeinage but oc- cupied for a long time since by freeholders, being alienated from tenant to tenant by charter. The abbot, on behalf of the monastery, ordered these tenants to come into court and surrender their holdings ; then, a fine having been paid, he gave them back to the tenants, to be held in future of the abbot himself for a fixed annual rent."

The Abbot and convent of Chertsey continued to hold the manor until in 1537 the abbot surrendered his lands, including Horley, to the king." Later in the same year Henry VIII granted this manor to Sir

��Nicholas Carew in tail male." On the disgrace and death of Carew in 1 5 3 8-9, his lands reverted to the Crown, and though the attainder was afterwards re- versed his son Sir Francis Carew " did not inherit Horley. In July 1539 the king granted the manor to Sir Robert Southwell, 14 who alienated it in 1544 to Robert Bristowe. 16 The latter died in 1545, and his son and grandson succeeded to the property in turn. 17 Robert the grandson died a minor in 1563, his heirs being his aunts on his father's side, Joan Jordan, Margaret Woodman and Anne Taylor, and his cousin Thomas Twyner, son of Agnes, another aunt who had died before this date. 18 Each of these heirs received a fourth part of Horley. George Taylor and Anne con- veyed their share to the Woodmans in 1 564, 19 and when John Woodman, who survived his wife Margaret, died in 1 5 8 7,he was therefore seised of a fourth of the manor in the right of his wife, and of another fourth in his own demesne as of fee. 10 Their son Richard alienated both parts to Matthew Carew in 1 590," andin the same year Henry Jordan, presumably the son of Joan and Thomas Jordan, conveyed the reversion of this fourth of the manor to Carew also." In 1598 Carew obtained the re- maining fourth from Thomas Vonge and Agnes, and the heirs of Agnes," the latter be- ing the daughter and heir of Thomas Twyner, who had died in 1582." Carew, Doctor of Law and Master in Chancery, conveyed to James Cromer in 1 6oo, ts and two years later it passed from the latter to the Mayor and Commonalty of London as Governors of Christ's Hospital, 16 and they have remained lords of the manor till the present day.

An early 13th-century deed records that Robert son of Walter de Horley granted the mill at Horley to Alfred son of Robert for the rent of a silver mark, together with a meadow and plough-land close by, to be held for the rent of \6d." Alice, daughter of ' Alfred of Horley Mill,' afterwards received a grant of the mill and lands.' 8

In 1309 William de Newdigate, by deed dated at Horley Mill, granted to Thomas atte Mulle, evidently the miller, a messuage, with garden, croft, &c., which Thomas and his heirs were to hold of Newdigate and his heirs for 200 years at the rent of 1 2</." In 1317 William de Newdigate alienated to Chertsey Monas- tery the water-mill called Newdigate's Mill or Horley Mill, together with the lid. rent due from Thomas atte Mulle. 80 It passed with the manor to Sir Robert Southwell after the Dissolution," and was alienated

���CHRIST'S HOSPITAL. Argent a cross gules -with a sword gules upright in the quarter (which art the arms of the city of London) with a chief azure having a Tudor mi between two fleurs di Us or therein.

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