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Paramore would probably give him a fillip, and the poor fellow's manner testified to the soundness of the forecast. The fillip had been unmistakably administered; it had come in the form of a revelation. The light on young Lechmere's brow announced with a candor that was almost an appeal for compassion, or at least a deprecation of ridicule, that he had never seen anything like Miss Julian.


In the drawing-room after dinner the girl found an occasion to approach Spencer Coyle. She stood before him a moment, smiling while she opened and shut her fan, and then she said, abruptly, raising her strange eyes: "I know what you've come for; but it isn't any use."

"I've come to look after you a little. Isn't that any use?"

"It's very kind. But I'm not the question of the hour. You won't do anything with Owen."