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what he was thinking of. She guessed indeed, but she was too subtle a little person to attempt to fall in with his thoughts, or to be willing to betray her own, by asking him random questions about Mrs. Tregent. She had expressed, as they came away from their luncheon-party, a natural surprise at the coincidence of his having known the mother of her amusing neighbor, but the only other words that dropped from her on the subject were contained in a question that, before she went to bed, she put to him with abrupt gayety, while she carefully placed a marker in a book she had not been reading.

"When is it, then, that we're to call upon this wonderful old friend?"

He looked at her through the smoke of his cigarette. "I don't know. We must wait a little, to allow her time to give some sign."

"Oh, I see!" And Vera took leave of him with one of her sincere little kisses.