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friendship. Had she had any sense of injury when he took to his heels, any glimpse of the understanding on which he had begun to come to Ennismore Gardens? He couldn't find out to-day except by asking her, which, at their time of life, after so many years and consolations, would be legitimate and even amusing. When he took leave of her he held her hand a moment, hesitating; then he brought out:

"Did they ever tell you—a hundred years ago—that between your mother and mine there was a great question of our marrying?"

She stared—she broke into a laugh. "Was there?"

"Did you ever know it? Did you ever suspect it?"

She hesitated, and for the first time since he had been in the room ceased for an instant to look straight at him. She only answered, still laughing however, "Poor dears—they were altogether too deep!"

She evidently wished to convey that she had never known. Maurice was a little disappointed; at present he would have pre-