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Whate'er keen Vengeance urged on foreign foe

Can act, is acting there against man's life:

    Green Erin's Knight and Europe's wandering star!
    Then listen, Readers, to the Man of Ink,
    Hear what he did, and sought, and wrote afar;
    All those are cooped within one Quarto's brink,
    This borrow, steal,—don't buy,—and tell us what you think.

    There may you read with spectacles on eyes,
    How many Wellesleys did embark for Spain,[2]
    As if therein they meant to colonise,
    How many troops y-crossed the laughing main
    That ne'er beheld the said return again:
    How many buildings are in such a place,
    How many leagues from this to yonder plain,
    How many relics each cathedral grace,
    And where Giralda stands on her gigantic base.[3]

    There may you read (Oh, Phœbus, save Sir John!
    That these my words prophetic may not err)