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Though in thy name the slaves her bosom wrung.
Tell not the deed to blushing Europe's ears;
The Ocean Queen, the free Britannia, bears
The last poor plunder from a bleeding land:
Yes, she, whose generous aid her name endears,
Tore down those remnants with a Harpy's hand,

Which envious Eld forbore, and tyrants left to stand.[1]
  1. After stanza xiii. the MS. inserts the two following stanzas:—

    Come then, ye classic Thieves of each degree,
    Dark Hamilton[a] and sullen Aberdeen,
    Come pilfer all the Pilgrim loves to see,
    All that yet consecrates the fading scene:
    Ah! better were it ye had never been,
    Nor ye, nor Elgin, nor that lesser wight,
    The victim sad of vase-collecting spleen,
    House-furnisher withal, one Thomas[b] hight,
    Than ye should bear one stone from wronged Athenæ's site