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CAIN: A MYSTERY. ACT I. Scene I. — TA^ Land without Paradise. — Time^ Sunrise. Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Adah, Zillah, offering a Sacrifice. Adam. God, the Eternal 1 Infinite ! All-wise 1 — Who out of darkness on the deep didst make Light on the waters with a word — ^AU Hail 1 Jehovah ! with returning light — ^AU Hail 1 Eve. God ! who didst name the day, and separate Morning from night, till then divided never — Who didst divide the wave from wave, and call Part of thy work the firmament — ^All Hail ! AM. God ! wh6 didst call the elements into Earth, ocean, air and fire — ^and with the day lo And night, and worlds which these illuminate, Or shadow, madest beings to enjoy them. And love both them and thee— All Hail ! All Hail ! Adah. God ! the Eternal parent of all things I Who didst create these best and beauteous beings, To be belovdd, more than all, save thee — Let me love thee and them : — ^AU Hail ! All Hail ! Zillah. Oh, God ! who loving, making, blessing all, Yet didst permit the Serpent to creep in. And drive my father forth from Paradise, 20