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282 HEAVEN AND EARTH. all the other serious poems of Byron. . A bishop,' he exclaimed, though it sounded almost like satire, might have written it.' Goethe must have been thinking of a German bishop ! " (For his daughter-in-law's translation of the speeches of Anah and Aholibamah with their seraph-lovers, see Goethe-7ahrbuch, 1899, pp. 18-21 [Letters, 19o1, v. Appendix II. p. 518].) Heaven and Earth was reviewed by Jeffrey in the Edin-burgh Review, February, 1823, vol. 38, pp. 42-48 ; by Wilson in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, January, 1823, vol. xiii. pp. 71, 72 ; and in the New Monthly Magazine, N.S., 1823, vol. 7, pp. 353-358.