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Born In 1834, died in 1892; Pastor of a church near Cambridge in 1851 ; Pastor in London in 1853; removed to the new Tabernacle in 1861; founder of a pastors' college as well as of schools, alms- houses, and an orphan asylum.

Think not that our Savior began to live when he was born of the Virgin Mary; imagine not that he dates his existence from the manger at Bethlehem; remember he is the Eternal, he is before all things, and by him all things con- sist. There was never a time in which there was not God. And just so there was never a period in which there was not Christ Jesus our Lord. He is self-existent, has no beginning of days, neither end of years; he is the immortal, invisible, the only wise God, our Savior. Now, in the past eternity which had elapsed before his mission to this world, we are told that Jesus Christ was rich ; and to those of us who believe his glories and trust in his divinity it is not hard to see how he was so. Jesus was rich in possessions. Lift up thine eye, believer, and for a moment review the riches of my Lord

• From a sermon sometimes known under the title of "The Con- descension of Christ."


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