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food and material upon which the welfare of the people and the prosperity of our commerce de- pend, we are fighting against those powers, privi- leges, injustices, and monopolies which are un- alterably opposed to the triumph of democratic principles. Be confident, therefore ; but I would ask you not to be overconfident. Against you is a strong coalition of interests and powers. Against you is a wealthy and a great party, divided indeed — as we have been amused to ob- serve and to watch its little developments — divided in the details of fiscal strategy, but united in its determination to undermine and overthrow the citadel of free trade. Let us, then, be worthy of our fathers, who went before us and won for us this great privilege of free- dom; and let us beware lest, through any fault of ours, through slackness, or indifference, or overconfidence on our part, so great and vital a national interest is imperiled.


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