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Fred M. Simpson

Scene III—Lucy Rimmerton, Agnes Rimmerton
(her niece)

A well-furnished comfortable room in Lucy Rimmerton's house. She is seated in front of the fire, in an easy-chair, reading. The door opens, without her noticing it, and Agnes comes in, closes the door gently, crosses the room, and bends over her.

Agnes.A happy New Year to you, Aunt Luce.

Lucy.What! Agnes, is that you? I never heard you come in. I really think I must be getting deaf.

Agnes.What nonsense! I didn't intend you should hear me. I wanted to wish you a happy New Year first.

Lucy.So as to make your Aunt play second fiddle. The same to you, dear.

Agnes.Thank you.[Warms her hands at the fire.] Oh, it is cold; not here I mean, but out of doors; the thermometer is down I don't know how many degrees below freezing.

Lucy.It seems to agree with you, at all events. You look as bright and rosy as though you were the New Year itself come to visit me.

Agnes.[Laughs merrily]So I ought to. I ran nearly all the way, except when I slid, to the great horror of an old gentleman who was busily engaged lecturing some little boys on the enormity of their sins in making a beautifully long slide in the middle of the pavement.

Lucy.And what brought you out so early?

Agnes.To see you, of course. Besides, the morning is so lovely