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The Dedication

married? Oh, I know I have no business to ask such a question: it is fearfully rude I know, but I have wondered so often. You are lovely now, and you must have been beautiful when you were a girl.

Lucy.No, I wasn't—I was barely pretty.

Agnes. I can't believe that.

Lucy.And I am not going to accept your description of me now as a true one; although I confess I am vain enough—even in my present old age—to look in the glass occasionally, and say to myself: "You are better-looking now than you ever were."

Agnes.Well, at all events you were always an angel.

Lucy.And men don't like angels; besides—I was poor.

Agnes.You were not poor when you got Aunt Emily's money,

Lucy.No, but then it was too——— I mean I then had no wish to marry.

Agnes.You mean you determined to sacrifice yourself for us, that is what you mean.

Lucy.I must have possessed a very prophetic soul then, or been gifted with second sight, as none of you, except Reginald, were born. But to come back to your friend, Agnes; has she no money?

Agnes.No, none.

Lucy.Nor he?

Agnes.Not a penny.

Lucy.And they want to get married?


Lucy.And are afraid they haven't enough.

Agnes.They certainly haven't.

Lucy.Then why don't they apply to some friend or relative who has more than enough; say, to an aunt, for instance.