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I. Women Wives or Mothers By A Woman 11
II. "Tell Me not Now" William Watson 19
III. The Headswoman . Kenneth Grahame . 25
IV. Credo . Arthur Symons 48
V. White Magic . Ella D Arcy . 59
VI. Fleurs de Feu Jose Maria de Heredia, the French Academy 69
VII. Flowers of Fire, a Translation Ellen M. Clerke . 70
VIII. When I am King . Henry Harland 71
IX. To a Bunch of Lilac Theo Marzials 87
X. Apple-Blossom in Brittany Ernest Dowson 93
XI. To Salome at St. James's Theodore Wratislaw 110
XII. Second Thoughts Arthur Moore 112
XIII. Twilight Olive Custance 134
XIV. Tobacco Clouds . Lionel Johnson 143
XV. Reiselust Annie Macdonel! 153
XVI. To Every Man a Damsel or Two C. S. -. 155
XVII. A Song and a Tale . Nora Hopper . 158
XVIII. De Profundis . S. Cornish Watkins 167
XIX. A Study in Sentimentality Hubert Crackanthorpe 175
XX. George Meredith . Morton Fullerton . 210
XXI. Jeanne-Marie Leila Macdonald . 215
XXII. Parson Herrick s Muse . C. W. Dalmon 241
XXIII. A Note on George the Fourth Max Beerbohm 247
XXIV. The Ballad of a Nun John Davidson 273


The Yellow Book Vol. III. October, 1894