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The Zankiwank

Then Shadowland will come in view,
A dream within a dream;
  So keep in your sleep
   While we keep up the steam;
  While the midnight hours are all a-creep,
   And we are all a-beam.

The spirits of the fairies
This eve are very bright,
For in your nest the mare is
Who only rides by night.
Into a magic sphere you go,
A dream within a dream.
  So keep in your sleep,
   While we keep up the steam,
  For Shadow Land is deep and steep,
   And we are all a-beam.

With a bump, and a thump, and a jump, the balloon burst against the wall, and Maude and Willie felt themselves dropping, dropping, dropping, until the Zankiwank bounced up and caught them both in his arms, saying as he rushed forward:—