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and the Bletherwitch


“A very useful article, I am sure,” said the Zankiwank. “I gave six dozen away last Christmas, but nobody used them after a few days, and I can’t think why.”

“Ah!” sighed Jorumgander the Younger, “and I have had all my stock returned on my hands. The first day I opened my shop I sold more than I can remember. And the next morning all the purchasers came and wanted their money back. They said if they wanted to tell the truth, they knew how to do it, and did not want to be taught by an evil-disposed nib. But I am afraid they were not speaking the truth then, at any rate. Here, let me make you a present of one a-piece, and you can write and tell me all about yourselves when you go home. Meanwhile, as the streets are crowded, and our policeman is not looking, let us sing a quiet song to celebrate the event.”

We sing of the Magic Pen
That never tells a story,
That in the hands of men
Would lead them on to glory.