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The Zankiwank

After which they all disappeared except the Zankiwank, and once again they found themselves in the street.

“They were both wrong,” muttered the Zankiwank to himself, “and yet one was right.”

“How could they both be wrong then? One was right? Very well. Then only one was wrong,” corrected Maude.

“No, they were both wrong—because I was the right one after all. Besides, you can’t always prove a negative, can you?”

“How tiresome of you! You only mentioned two and now say three. I do not believe you know what you do mean.”

“Not often, sometimes, by accident, you know—only do not tell anybody else."

“You are certainly very extraordinary persons—that is all I can say,” said Willie. “You do not do anything quite rationally or naturally.”

“Naturally. Why should we? We are the great Middle Classes—neither alive nor dead. Betwixt and between. Half and half, you know, for now we are in the Spirit World only known