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The Zankiwank

“Our friends are very much cut up,” said Dr Pampleton.

“What is to be done?” the Zankiwank enquired.

“Done? Why, with my special elixir I shall bring them all to life again,” said the Court Physician promptly.

“Will you? Can you?”

“Of course. You get all the bodies and lay them in a line, I’ll gather up the heads and stick ’em on with elastic glue. Then you find the arms and legs and we will soon have them ready for another bout.”

So the Zankiwank sent the rest of the populace, that had been looking on, indoors to get their tea, while he set to work and did as that absurd old Doctor instructed him.

Willie and Maude could scarcely keep their eyes open, but they were so interested in the proceedings that they managed to see that the Court Physician with his usual foresight was sticking the heads on the wrong bodies, and the arms and legs he put on just as they were handed to him, left on