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The Zankiwank

you together correctly this time,” said the Court Physician pleasantly.

“So!” they all bellowed in chorus, “it is you who have done all this mischief. Come on! We will soon rectify your blunder,” and with a swish and a swirl they made one simultaneous movement towards the unfortunate Pampleton, and once again Pandemonium was let loose, when high above the din the voice of the Zankiwank was heard calling upon them to have patience and not to disturb the harmony, as the Bletherwitch had arrived at last. Meanwhile everybody rushed madly down the street after the Court Physician.

But the children could see nothing now. Everything was growing dim and dimmer, and the scene was fading, fading away into a blue light. And the last they heard was the Zankiwank speaking tenderly to the Bletherwitch, whom they were not destined to see after all, and saying:—

“Oh, my sweet Blethery, Blethery Bletherwitch! What a Bletherwitching little thing you are!”

Then there was a rumbling and a tumbling, and something stopped suddenly. A light was flashed