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Daubenton's Bat on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire Border.—Daubenton's Bat frequents the river Dove in some numbers at the spot where it is crossed by the Derby road, near Uttoxeter. The mill-dam below the bridge and the fringe of willows and alders on the banks furnish a quiet shaded pool such as this species haunts by preference. In the early part of June I had several opportunities of watching the Bats late in the evening as they flitted in their characteristic fashion across the shadows just above the surface of the stream. This species and the Whiskered Bat, unlike the noisy Noctule and Pipistrelle, appear to feed in silence. I have never heard either of them utter a note when on the wing.—Chas. Oldham (Sale).

Daubenton's Bat in Bedfordshire.—Whilst recently visiting Bedford I noticed that this little species was plentiful over the river along the promenade. By their habit of always keeping within a few inches of the water and circling about in limited areas these Bats can be easily recognized. I have previously recorded this species from another locality in the county, and it would undoubtedly be found a common one if those interested cared to seek in other parts of Bedfordshire for it. It is common at Southhill, over the lake in the park, where I have recently seen it.—J. Steele Elliott (Dixon's Green, Dudley).

Habitat of Ametrida minor.—A specimen of this rare Bat was recently presented to me. It was captured in November, 1896, in a house at Manaos, a town on the Amazons, about 1000 miles above Para. The measurements being rather less than those given by Dobson for Ametrida centurio, I sent it to Mr. Oldfield Thomas, who pronounced it to be A. minor, a species described from a single unlocalized specimen.—T.A. Coward (Bowdon).


Lesser Shrew in Anglesea.—On June 11th we obtained about thirty pellets from the roosting-place of a Barn Owl, among some ivy overhanging the cliff in a small cove near Rhos Neigir, a few feet above high-water