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No. 700.— October, 1899.


By O.V. Aplin, F.L.S.

Where no other locality is mentioned, the notes refer to the parish of Bloxham.


January 1st.—The Rev. J. Goodwin, of Milcomb, told me that he had recently seen a Hawfinch in his garden.

25th.—Large numbers of Bramblings have frequented a stubble-field dotted with manure-heaps for a week or more; I saw a small flock to-day, but they were gone two days later. The Rev. J. Goodwin told me he saw some between here and Milton last week.

26th.—Blackbird singing; early. Nuthatch has the rapid rattling or trilling cry. Rooks at their nesting trees most of the day.

27th.—Chaffinch sang the first part of its song, and a portion of the second part.

February 3rd.—News from Mr. Fowler of a Peregrine Falcon shot at Sarsden last month while in pursuit of a Ring-Dove.

5th.—Only one Chaffinch singing; these birds are strangely scarce, although common a few days ago. Possibly the winter birds have just left. One of my nephews has stuffed a Kittiwake (immature), shot at Bodicote a fortnight ago.

Zool. 4th ser. vol. III., October, 1899.
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