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No. 727.—January, 1902.


By Prof. J.H. Salter, University College, Aberystwyth.

The following notes, referring to the past two years, are in continuation of similar ones relating to this neighbourhood which have appeared in 'The Zoologist' from time to time (Zool. 1900, pp. 76-79).

On January 10th, 1900, Mr. F.T. Feilden, of Borth, described to me a specimen of the "hairy" variety of the Waterhen which he had obtained some time previously. He reported a pair of Red-necked Grebes upon the Dovey during the previous October. One of them was shot, but not retrieved. On November 9th the survivor was seen in company with Dabchicks and a Merganser. Further up the Bay, off the Merionethshire coast, Mr. G.H. Caton-Haigh finds the Eared Grebe by no means uncommon when on the spring passage, but he has never met with the Red-necked Grebe. Col. Feilden obtained a Bittern, an old male bird, upon January 8th. In February "a large brown Harrier," either a Marsh-Harrier or Ring-tail, was seen quartering over the Bog upon several occasions.

On March 3rd Oystercatchers and Curlew were extremely noisy after dark.

Zool. 4th ser. vol. VI., January, 1902.